Below are some samples of Eric's radio work. Whether he's talking to a legendary Rock & Roll hall of famer, a comedian or a UFC fighter Eric always comes prepared, giving his guests a chance to say what is on their mind while also asking the questions listeners want to know the answers to. First up we have a playlist of some of Eric's favorite interviews:

Next up are those same interviews, individually, with a bit of background on each: 

Here Eric talks to Academy-Award nominated documentary filmmaker Brett Morgen, the man the NY Times dubbed the "Mad Scientist of Documentary Filmmaking" about his latest film, the critically acclaimed "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck." Brett is a passionate filmmaker and in this interview addresses, among many other things, the negative response his film received from one of Kurt's idols, Buzz "King Buzzo" Osborne.

Comedian/Actor Robert Kelly (FX's Louie, Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer) joined Eric days before his first Comedy Central special aired. They talked about Kelly's choice in venue for the special, his new show (FX's Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll) and how Kevin Hart never helps anyone.  

Keith Powell starred on 30 Rock and is currently starring in "Keith Broke His Leg" (which can be found at a web series he also created, wrote and directed. Keith is also an awesome interview subject as you'll see here he talks to Eric about why he didn't break his leg to make the series more realistic, his attempts to get goody two-shoes Jack McBrayer to become the bad boy of Hollywood and so much more!  

Rock & Roll HOFer John Oates (Hall & Oates) and Eric talk about John's New York ties, his new solo album and why people looking for a Hall & Oates show should stay the hell away from a John OAtes show.

Joe Lo Truglio is one of the funniest, and hardest working actors in Hollywood. From his start on MTV's The State, to his memorable film roles (Wet Hot American Summer, Superbad, etc.) to his current starring role on Brooklyn 99 he has consistently kept audiences laughing for over two decades. Here, Joe talks to Eric about his career, the amazing cast on Brooklyn 99 and his love, as a native of Queens, for the New York Mets.

Randy Blythe, lead singer of Grammy-nominated Metal band Lamb Of God, was arrested in the midst of a European tour, thrown in prison and charged with manslaughter for an alleged incident at a concert years earlier. That's just one amazing story recounted in his memoir Dark Days, which he joined Eric to talk about. 

Nate "Rock" Quarry once fought for the UFC Middleweight title, now he fights for those who currently ply their trade in the octagon to get a fair deal. Nate joined Eric to talk about his career as a fighter, his lawsuit against the UFC, coming out of retirement to fight for a very special title, and his current business venture 

Eric didn't pull any punches when sitting down with undefeated UFC Bantamweight contender Aljamain Sterling. OK, he pulled a few, because "The Funkmaster" could dispatch him in a flash. Aljo talks about his start on Long Island, his illustrious college wrestling career and how his friend Jon Jones was the one who got him in to Mixed Martial Arts. As a sidenote, this interview was recorded while Jones was wanted by police in New Mexico, and yes, Eric asked and Aljamain answered on what he thought was going on with the (since stripped of his title) Light Heavyweight Champion.

Eric is at home both on, and under the water as a former Sailor and current SCUBA diver. So he loved having the opportunity to have world-famous shark expert Chris Fischer, founder of OCEARCH on to help shed some light on perhaps the most misunderstood species in the seas. 

Gun control. It's consistently one of the hottest topics in the public forum. The debate rages on, with no end in sight, but are some people using talking points that are factually incorrect? Sean Davis, co-founder of thinks so and he joined Eric to talk about his article "7 Gun Control Myths That Just Won't Die."

Bryan Stascavage is an Army veteran, college student and author attending Wesleyan University. His op-ed for The Wesleyan Argus "Why Black Lives Matter Isn't What You Think" set off a firestorm that made national news and has many people, on the left and right, wondering just what is going on on college campuses.

Eric speaks with Paul Corrigan, the hardest working comedian on Long Island, about Paul's interesting career track and comedy in the age of social media. 

Eric loves sports, including Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), here he talks to Dirk Ballard. one of the men behind the massively successful MMA online community following another showing of Ronda Rousey's dominance at UFC 190.  

Canada's Bobby "The Celtic Warrior" Gunn was a successful professional boxer. When he retired from that sport, Bobby took up Bare Knuckle boxing and his career REALLY took off. Bobby spoke to Eric shortly after being inducted to the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall Of Fame about his career and life.