Here's where you can find Eric's pre-produced original content including "Push Play" a review show Eric created for, an internet radio station helmed by NYC radio legend Dennis "Q" Quinn and episodes of "Guess What Happened?" a popular podcast created by Eric, featuring musician Aaron Lockhart. Some language in these may be slighty NSFW... but TSFH (Totally Safe For headphones) You have been warned.  

First up is Eric's review of EA's NHL 15 video game. This remains the most popular post on RequiredRadio, it also happens to be the most negative review in the history of Push Play. Coincidence? Maybe.

The Walking Dead is a massive hit, here's Eric's review of the 2014 season opener. 

The second most popular episode of Push Play is on a show from north of the border. Trailer Park Boys. 

Doctor Who, even if you don't know it, you've heard of it. Eric knows it very well and brings a review of the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, to the table. 

"Free to play" mobile games are extremely popular and, in many cases, extremely not free. Eric found one that is totally free, totally fun and totally ruined his life for a month or two. 

The following is a feature Eric created and produced while pursuing his degree at Hofstra University.